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How do I Internet file T4s?

T4 Internet Filing
A fast and convenient alternative to magnetic media filing your clients' T4 slips. The system supports T4 filing for companies with up to 449 employee slips.

What You Need

How to Internet File T4 Slips

1. Open the file containing T4 slips ready to file.
2. Go to the File menu and choose properties
3. Set the T4 Status to Ready to File
4. Click on EFILE > Internet file T4s.

  • If the build is successful
    - ProFile saves the XML file for this return (same file name except the extension) in the default directory for your FX files.
    - The path to that directory will be the same as where the return is stored, which can be found under Options > Environment > File.
    - ProFile will launch an external web browser where you can continue the process with the CRA website.
  • If the build is NOT successful
    - An error message tells you what requires correction. 

Note: The process for T4 Internet filing is not automatic.

5. Enter the WAC for the business and browse to your FX directory to attach the XML file you have built. 
6. Complete each step in the web transmission process.


  • Note the confirmation number on the final page before closing the browser.
  • You may wish to print this page.
  • There are no EFILE reports relating to T4 Internet filing.


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