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T1 General - Condensed Return (Default Form Selection)

ID: 014796

The T1 General-Condensed return is an abbreviated version of the T1 General. As such, the CRA only wants to receive the T1 Condensed form, the business statements, Schedules 4 and 5 as well as any election form that applies to the return, including the T1032 Joint Election to Split Income. They do not want to receive a copy of the T1 or schedules or any other form for which a section appears in the T1-KFS section of the condensed form.


To verify that you are including ONLY the correct list of forms, reset your forms selection to the default settings in ProFile.

  1. Go to the Options > Form Selection menu.
  2. Make sure the 20xx T1/TP1 tab is selected in the top left of the Form Selection window.
  3. Click the Set Defaults button at the bottom of this window.
  4. When the “Restore default selections?” prompt displays, click “Yes”.
  5. Click OK when done.

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