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We’ve made downloading, installing, and activating ProFile a simple and intuitive process; below you’ll find all the information needed to get started.

Downloading ProFile

Navigate to the ProFile download page with any web browser; the page can be found here.

Select the “download here” link on the download page; the executable file downloads to your computer.

Note: a browser may download the file without requesting an approval. 

If you are unsure of where the file has been stored, try one of the following locations:

  • check under the C: drive, in Windows -> Users -> [USER NAME] -> Downloads
  • search the C: drive for the file “gpsetup.exe”
  • check the bottom bar of your web browser; the file may be visible. Right-click on the file information and select “Show in Folder” to see its location:

Installing ProFile

Locate the file “gpsetup.exe”, as described above:

Double-click on the file “gpsetup.exe” file.

Select the “Run” option when prompted:

The ProFile InstallShield Wizard displays; select your installation language preference:

Click the “OK” button.

The ProFile “License Agreement” displays; review the material and click the “Yes” button to proceed:

Select the location to store ProFile files; the InstallShield Wizard makes a suggestion, or click the “Change” button to select a new or different location:

Click the “Next” button; the installation is now ready to begin.

Click the “Install” button.

The installation of files begins; the installation is tracked by the progress bar:

When installation is completed, ProFile then registers the necessary components:

Click the “Finish” button when installation is complete.

The ProFile icon is displayed on the desktop:

Acquiring ProFile Product Code and License Key Information

After the purchase of ProFile, users will receive a receipt via email that contains a “Product Code” and “License Key”. This information is necessary for the activation of ProFile.

If ProFile was purchased through the ProFile online store, the information is found at the bottom of the receipt:  

If ProFile was purchased through the telephone service, the information is found in the “Order Details” section of the receipt:

Activating ProFile

Launch ProFile from the desktop icon that has been installed, or under the Start -> All Programs menu in Windows:

ProFile launches; the ProFile license window displays:

Enter the product code and license key information; click the “Activate” button.

A green check mark displays, indicating that the product has been activated and is ready to use:

Click the “I’m Done” button to begin using ProFile.

If ProFile’s “Flexible Licensing” function is required, click the “Next - Set Up Flexible Licensing” button. To learn more about Flexible Licensing, review our support article here.

If more than one license is to be added, review the section “Adding Additional Licenses”.

Adding Additional Licenses

If more than one license is to be entered, click on the “+ Add another license” button following the entering of the product code and license key:

A new field displays; enter the additional product code and license key information:

Click the “Activate” button to activate the additional license.

Click the “Finish” button.

The addition of licenses is complete.

Troubleshooting License Issues

An error message displays if a product code or license key are invalid or incorrectly added:

If the message “Invalid combination” or “License Error Occurred” displays after entering license information, confirm the following:

  • all information was entered correctly
  • the ProFile version being used is in the most recent



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