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T5013 - Partnership Information Return for fiscal years ending on or after January 1, 2011 (FX)

The CRA recently issued 2011 versions of T5013 - Partnership Information Return and the related T4068 - Guide for the T5013 Partnership Information Return. The new T4068 guide requires the use of the new 2011 version of T5013 forms for partnerships whose fiscal periods end on or after January 1, 2011. You can download a draft of the new guide at

We are currently updating the 2011 FX module with the newer version of T5013 forms. Until the updates are available a future release, the CRA will accept and process the 2010 version of the T5013 form for partnerships whose fiscal period ends on or after January 1, 2011. The current 2011 R3 release of the ProFile FX module uses the 2010 version of the T5013 form.

Nominees or agents who file using the 2010 version of the T5013 form should include the following:

  • T5013 Summary - Information Return of Partnership Income
  • A photocopy of any composite forms T5013 - Statement of Partnership Income or  T5013A - Statement of Partnership Income for Tax Shelters and Renounced Resource Expenses that are issued to the nominees and agents
  • Copy 1 of all T5013 and T5013A information slips for each person (investor) for whom the nominee/agent holds an interest
  • The completed T5013 S50 - Reconciliation of Partner’s Capital Account for each investor
  • All other T5013 schedules, forms, and documents that apply

Note: Before the 2011 taxation year, the T4068 guide was last updated in 2006. For more details and instructions for nominees and agents who use the 2010 version of the T5013 return, see pages 28, 33, and 64 of the 2006 version of the T4068 guide (


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