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How can I complete a T1 Adjustment in Profile?

Using Form T1-ADJ

Did you ever have a client who brought in "just one more slip" after you've filed their tax return? For example, a taxpayer arrives with an additional T3 slip? Well, ProFile automatically calculates the T1-ADJ. Here's the process we recommend you follow:

  1. Open a T1 client data file that you created and filed using ProFile T1.

  2. Make a back-up of the return that you originally filed with CRA. Select File > Save As and save a copy of the return. Use a different name for the pre and post adjustment files. For example, save the post adjusted file as "Smith, John and Mary after T1 adjustment." You can do as many of these adjustments as necessary.

  3. Select Audit > Snapshot/variance and click New. Name the snapshot something that clearly identifies why you are adjusting the return (for example, "Additional T3 slip") and click OK. This records amounts in key fields that ProFile will check for variance after you adjust the return.


  4. Just as you entered data when you first created the return, go to the form or slip where you need to enter or adjust an amount and make the change. Add or edit information just as you do when you are preparing a return.

  5. Use the Form Explorer or press F4 to open a copy of the T1ADJ. ProFile allows you to make unlimited copies of this form, so you can file additional adjustments to the return as necessary. Right-click on the form and choose New from the context-sensitive menu to create another copy.

  6. Right-click on the form and select Adjust from <snapshot name> with the name of the snapshot you just took (in the above example, you would see "Adjust from Additional T3 slip") from the context-sensitive menu.

  7. ProFile compares your original snapshot to the revised data. The software automatically detects the impact on all relevant fields, and completes the table with line numbers, names and changed amounts. This only applies to fields with CRA line numbers.

  8. There is a free-form area on the T1-ADJ where you can provide “Other details or explanations.” If you wish to create separate paragraphs in this section, use <Shift+Enter> to start each new paragraph.
  9. Print a copy of the T1-ADJ to file the adjustment with the CRA. You do not need to resubmit the entire return. You cannot EFILE a T1-ADJ form.


Where to send the T1-ADJ form
  1. Click on the Help menu.
  2. Select ProFile Help.
  3. Choose the Search tab.
  4. Enter T1-ADJ in the keyword field.
  5. Double-click T1ADJ - Adjustment Request in the topic list and select the link Where to submit your form in the right pane.



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