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Importing QuickBooks 2011 into CaseWare Working Papers

How do I Import?

The QuickBooks 2011 import option does not appear in the current official shipping versions of Working Papers 2009.00.185r2 or Working Papers 2010.00.078r7.  It is, however, possible to import the file into either of these Working Papers versions using the following steps:

  1. Download and install the updated QuickBooks Export Utility ver 1.033 (located under Optional Components)
  2. Create the export file. For instructions on how to create the export file, please refer to the "Readme.htm" file included in the download.
  3. Import the export file directly into Working Papers using the QuickBooks - 2010 Canada option in the Import - Accounting Software dialog.
The QuickBooks Export Utility ver 1.033 must be used to create the export file from the QuickBooks 2011 file. 
To check which version of the Export Utility you are using, please launch the utility and the title bar should read “CaseWare QuickBooks* Export Utility Ver 1.033”.  
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