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How do I memorize a transaction in QuickBooks?

If you have transactions that occur often, such as monthly bills or recurring invoices for clients, you can save time by memorizing the details of the transactions. Once you memorize a transaction, you can have QuickBooks re-enter it for you at any time. You can even have QuickBooks automatically enter the transaction at intervals you specify.


You cannot memorize the following transactions:

  • Receipt or deposit of payments
  • Bill payments
  • Pay cheques
  • Time records
  • Sales tax payments
  • YTD payroll adjustments

While you can memorize transactions for foreign currency customers, you will not have the option to Automatically Enter when creating the memorized transaction.

Memorize a transaction in QuickBooks
  1. Enter the transaction as you would like it memorized. Tip: If the content of certain fields will change each time you recall the transaction, leave those fields blank. For example, you might want to leave the Amount field blank on your monthly utility bill. That way, you can fill in the amount each time you recall the bill.

  2. Go to the Edit menu and click Memorize [TRANSACTION}.

  3. In the Memorize Transaction window, enter a name that will help you recognize the transaction on the Memorized Transaction list.

  4. Choose how you want QuickBooks to treat the transaction:

    • Remind me: Select to add the transaction to your Reminders list.Be sure to enter how often you want the reminder to occur and the next date when the transaction is due.

    • Don't remind me: Omit the transaction from your Reminders list.

    • Automatically enter: Have QuickBooks automatically enter the transaction for you. Be sure to enter how often you want QuickBooks to enter the transaction and the next date the transaction is due. You can also specify how many times you want QuickBooks to enter the transaction ("Number Remaining").

    • With Transactions in Group: Add the transaction to a group. Be sure to enter the name of the group (such as "Monthly bills").

  1. Click OK to memorize the transaction.

Note: If all you are doing is entering the transaction information for future use and do not want to record the transaction now, click Clear to close the transaction window.

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