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Errors: 12002, 12007, 12009, 12029, or 12031 when updating QuickBooks

One of the following errors occurs when updating QuickBooks:

  • Error: 12002
  • Error: 12007
  • Error: 12009
  • Error: 12029
  • Error: 12031
Why is this happening

These errors are often caused by a network timeout that is preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server, general Internet connection issues, or by Internet security and firewall settings

How to fix it

Check the QuickBooks Internet connection:

  1. Choose Help > Internet Connection Setup.
  2. Click to select the option for "Use my computer's Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet".
  3. Click Next, and then click Done.
  4. Try the update again:
    • Choose Help >Update QuickBooks and then click the Update Now tab.

If the program update fails again, try resetting the program updates:

  1. Click the Update Now tab.
  2. Select the Reset Update checkbox and then click the Get Updates button.
  3. If the program update still fails:

If the preceding steps did not resolve the issue, start Microsoft Windows in Safe Mode and try the download again

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