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Downloadable Estimate Templates

We've created over 100 templates that you can download into QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2008 or later and customise for your business.

Start by clicking on a template to download it into QuickBooks.

Estimate templates you can download

Blue Rounded Filled Estimate

Light blue themed estimate with rounded corners. The title fields are filled with a light blue color.


Business Growth Estimate

Estimate with a growth chart on the right side.


Canadian Maple Leaf Estimate

Light blue curved background, with a red outline of the maples leaf. All data boxes have rounded corners and black text.


Contractor Proposal

Contractor Proposal based on the 2007 version from QuickBooks Contractor Edition.


Dark Blue Rounded Fill Estimate

Dark blue themed estimate with light blue borders.


Fall Leaves Estimate

Fall leaves background with rounded burgundy borders around the title fields.


Green Rounded Border Estimate

Green themed estimate, with no green rounded border and no fill color.


Green Rounded Fill Estimate

Green themed estimate, with green rounded border and light green fill color.


Maroon Rounded Border Estimate

Maroon colored themed estimate. Rounded corners and no fill color.


Maroon Rounded Fill Estimate

Maroon colored themed estimate. Rounded corners with maroon color filling the fields.


Orange Target Estimate

Very clean looking estimate, with a remittance stub section included.


Road to Success Estimate

Very clean looking estimate.



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