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Downloadable Payroll Report Templates

We've created templates that you can download into QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2008 or later and customise for your business.

Start by clicking on a template to download it into QuickBooks.

Payroll report templates you can download

Gross Earnings by Employee

Gross Earnings by Employee summary. Shows employees in rows and Earnings payroll items across the top of the report in columns.

Payroll Detail Review - Federal Taxes

Check your federal tax calculations with this report. It shows what QuickBooks has stored on paycheck, if a user edited the amount, what the amount should be, and any amount out of balance YTD, per employee per tax.

Payroll Expenses detail by class

Payroll expenses detail shown by Class, with an "unclassified" section.

Payroll Expenses summary by class

Payroll expenses shown by Class, with an "unclassified" column.

Payroll Expenses summary by Customer

Summary job-costed expenses & GOGS from Paychecks by Customer:Job.

Payroll Liabilities Accrued by Date

Total Payroll Liabilities accrued by payroll date (excluding payments.)

Payroll Liabilities Paid by Date

Summary of your liability payments by the date the payments were paid *for* (not the check date.)

Payroll Liabilities Payment Detail

Details of each payroll liability payment, or ""deposit"".

Previous Quarter Payroll Taxes

This report shows all of the payroll-related federal taxes that you have collected for the previous Quarter.

Tax Table Useage Detail

This report can help you spot Tax Table usage patterns quickly. The report lists all payroll transactions for the current year, showing when they were last modified and which Tax Table version was used to calculate tax amounts.

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