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How do I enable MAPI for Thunderbird Email Client so I can use it to email invoices from QuickBooks?

What is happening?

When I try to email an Invoice (or other form or report) from QuickBooks, I get a message telling me that I have to create a profile in Thunderbird before I can send the email.

How do I fix this?

You will need to make sure that

  • MAPI is enabled on your computer
  • That the Email Server is properly configured and that you have created a profile in Thunderbird.
  • Thunderbird is your default email client
How to enable MAPI on your computer

For instructions on how to enable MAPI for Thunderbird, please visit the Mozilla Support Site.

Configure your email server

To configure your email server and set up your profile for Thunderbird, you can follow this link.

Make Thunderbird your default Email Client

If Thunderbird is the only email client on the system it will be the Default Email Client.  If you have other email clients on your computer, such as Windows Mail, Outlook Express, or Outlook, you will have to specificlly set Thunderbird as the Default Email Client.

  1. Click the Start button and select Control Panel
  2. Locate and open Internet Options
  3. Click the Programs tab
  4. For the E-mail, select Mozilla Thunderbird from the drop-down list
  5. Click Apply to save the change
  6. Click OK to close the window

For more detailed instructions, click here.

You will need to check any other email clients on your system to make sure that Thunderbird is the only one defined as the Default Email Client.



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