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New Features in QuickBooks 2014

Our goal remains to help you spend less time managing your finances, so you can get more out of your busy day.  Here is a small sampling of the fantastic new features you'll find in QuickBooks 2014.


Release Notes

R8 - QuickBooks 2014 Release Notes: December 2014

R7 - QuickBooks 2014 Release Notes: July 2014

R6 - QuickBooks 2014 Release Notes: July 2014

R5 - QuickBooks 2014 Release Notes: March 2014

R4 - QuickBooks 2014 Release Notes: January 2014

R3 - QuickBooks 2014 Release Notes: October 2013


Tax Table Update

Learn about the tax changes for the latest tax table update (payroll update):

To view payroll changes, click here.

Attach a Document to a Record

You can attach documents to any record, such as invoices, customers, estimates, and vendors.

  1. Find the record you want to attach a document to.
  2. On forms such as invoices and estimate, click the Attach File button  on the main tab at the top of the form (in some QuickBooks Centres you may see a paperclip icon instead).
  3. Choose how to attach your document
    • From your computer.
    • From your scanner.
    • From the Doc Centre.
    • By dragging your document into the Attachments window.
Email Improvements

Emailing from QuickBooks now includes the ability to:

  • include attachments
  • create emails from templates
  • use rich text formatting and custom fields
  • view email history in the Customer Centre
Handling of Bounced Cheques

In the past, handling bounced cheques was a very lengthy, manual process. Now, when a customer's cheque is returned for insufficient funds, record it in QuickBooks. QuickBooks will automatically mark the original invoice as unpaid and create a new invoice for the fee you'd like to charge your customer. Then send your customer a statement, or the original invoice along with the new invoice (for the bounced cheque fee).

  1. Choose Customers and then Receive Payments.
  2. Click the Previous arrow until you see the transaction, or use another method to find the payment.
  3. On the Main tab at the top of the form, click Record Bounced Cheque. The Manage Bounced Cheque window appears.
  4. In the Bank Fee field, enter the amount your financial institution charged you for this bounced cheque.
  5. In the Date field, enter the date your financial institution charged you the fee.
  6. If necessary, click the Expense Account drop-down arrow and select the expense account to assign the bank fee to.
  7. If you track classes, click the Class drop-down arrow and select the appropriate class.
  8. In the Customer Fee field, enter the amount you would like to charge the customer for bouncing the cheque. Usually, this is more than the fee that your financial institution charged you.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Review the information in the Bounced Cheque Summary window. Then click Finish to record the bounced cheque
  11. Close the Receive Payments window.


Income Tracker

The Income Tracker makes it easy to find and work with your unbilled sales (estimates and sales orders), unpaid sales (open and overdue invoices), and paid sales (payments and sales receipts). To open the Tracker, choose Customers > Income Tracker.

Use the Income Tracker

When you open the Income Tracker, it shows all unbilled sales (estimates and sales orders), unpaid sales (open and overdue invoices, as well as payments and credits), and paid sales (payments and sales receipts).
The coloured block shows the amount for transactions in that category. Click a block to see the transactions that make up that amount. Use the drop-down arrows below the coloured blocks to filter this list further. To see a list of all transactions, click Clear/Show All.
Note: The open invoices amount includes the amount for overdue invoices.
Home Page Customization
  • You can change the colour scheme of a company file to help differentiate it from other company files. (Go to Edit > Preferences > Desktop View.)
  • Customize the accounts shown in the View Balances section of the Home Page (in the left hand navigation bar). On the left-hand navigation bar on the Home Page, select View Balances, and then Customize view balances to select the accounts you want to see in the list.
  • Access to Alerts and Reminders buttons in the top, right-hand corner of QuickBooks.
Payroll Improvements

For QuickBooks Payroll customers:

  • Streamlined Payroll Centre - an improved layout and workflow will give you quicker access to all your important payroll tasks - all in one place.
  • Monthly item limit. When creating new payroll items, you'll now see a Limit Type drop-down on the Default rate and limit screen.
  • The email improvements mentioned above apply to the Payroll Centre as well. You can now see a list of the paystubs you've emailed to employees in the employee's record. In the Employee Centre, select an employee and click the Sent Email tab.
Enterprise Specific

These improvements apply specifically to Enterprise 14.0.

  • Assemblies Improvements - more automated functions help you save time and improve the accuracy of assemblies and costing.
  • Advanced Job Costing - manage your jobs in different phases of completion more easily with new tracking and reporting options. Customize tracking by reps, job, customers and run WIP and Committed Costs reports at the click of a button.
  • Advanced Pricing - customize and automate your pricing in QuickBooks. You’ll get more control over pricing and avoid manual updates

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