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What is new in QuickBooks Desktop 2014?

The following changes, improvements, and fixes were made to QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier 2014 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 14.0. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases

Release 14 (R14) - October 2016

  • Account passwords to protect sensitive information
    • All users who have the "Credit Card Protection" feature on, or whose QuickBooks Desktop file contains sensitive data such as credit card data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be asked to set up a password.
    • All users who have the "Credit Card Protection" feature on and can view full credit card data will be asked to your change password every 90 days.
  • Security updates to QuickBooks SDK
    • SDK apps that require background access to QuickBooks Desktop will need to have credentials regenerated for the app. Credentials will get regenerated once users who need access to the app login to QuickBooks Desktop.
    • If the password for QuickBooks Desktop changes, a new application is added or access levels of an application are changed – this would also require users who need app access to login.

Release 11 (R11) - May 2016

  • Loan Manager: Fixed an issue that caused loan manager to go missing from the banking menu.
  • QuickBooks Desktop is implementing an update to address a security vulnerability. This will help to verify that the person attempting to access an account is authorized.
    • All users who have the "credit card protection" feature on, or have credit card data in their QuickBooks Desktop company file, will be asked to set up a password, if they do not already have one. Furthermore, the administrator account holder will be notified if users have not set up a password. This will give the administrator account holder the ability to recommend that users create a password, or to assign a password directly to these users. This will enable you to enhance security by requiring that all users with access to the system use appropriate security credentials.

Release 8 (R8) - December 2014

  • Compliance. QuickBooks Desktop includes the latest Canadian payroll tax tables
  • Excel (Send reports to Excel). Fixed an issue that caused a display error when opening Excel through the Lead Center.
  • Printing. Fixed an issue where the Print option was not available in open reports
  • Utilities. Fixed an issue that caused the error "Verify Customer Message list. Duplicate name encountered."

Release 7 (R7) - July 2014

  • Reports. Fixed an issue causing sub-items to not show on inventory reports. Fixed an issue causing truncated information on printed reports
  • SDK. Fixed a SDK issue with users running Windows XP

Release 6 (R6) - July 2014

  • File Operations. Fixed an issue that caused an Unexpected Error while creating a new company file. Fixed an issue that caused a C=102 error when upgrading a company file.
  • Lists. Fixed an issue that caused an Unrecoverable Error when editing an account to change its type and then making it a subaccount. Fixed an issue that caused a newly created account to not immediately display in the Chart of Accounts.  
  • Payroll. Tax tables are updated to the most recent CRA requirements.
  • Printing. Fixed an issue that caused the check number to be retained even after selecting to reprint it on the Print Cheques Confirmation window.
  • QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor. Internal QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor will now display results from the Network Diagnostics as well as the File Diagnostics. QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor will now display the message "No network connectivity" when applicable for users running QuickBooks Desktop on Windows Vista.
  • SDK. Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks Desktop to close when duplicating a transaction after a menu item is added through the SDK.
  • User Interface. Added a link to the PDF repair tool on all error messages related to a PDF failure. Hotkeys will now work in the "Review paycheck" and "Preview paycheck" window. Pressing ALT+S from the Payroll Info tab for an employee will now open the Sick/Vacation window.

Release 5 (R5) - March 2014

  • Accountants Copy. QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier 2014 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 14.0 will no longer open Accountants Copy files (.QBX ) created in QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier 2012 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 12.0 or earlier.
  • Accounts Receivable. QuickBooks Desktop will no longer double the amount of credits available when credits are unapplied and reapplied to a transaction.
  • File Operations. QuickBooks Desktop will no longer display an Unrecoverable Error when switching between company files or closing with the X button.
  • Inventory. QuickBooks Desktop will no longer display the error "Unable to add item to list", when changing the cost on a bill. QuickBooks Desktop will no longer display a COM error when receiving items for multiple Purchase Orders.
  • Other. QuickBooks Desktop will no longer display an Unrecoverable Error when closing QuickBooks Desktop if the Make General Journal Entry window is currently open with another window on top.
  • Payroll
    • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Center Refresh: Users will be able to remove checks from the print queue directly from the payroll center history table by right clicking and choosing an option “Remove from print queue”.
    • QuickBooks Desktop  will no longer display a message if a user enters hours for any employee without selecting the employee first. If the employee is not selected first, it will automatically be selected when the hours are entered.
  • Performance. Improved performance for saving large sales orders with lots of items. QuickBooks Desktop will no longer display COM errors while a user performs random or multiple tasks.
  • Printing. Amount in the Cost column will no longer wrap to the next line when printing a Bill or Item Receipt.
  • QuickBooks Maintenance Alerts. When a user has not made a backup for more than 15 days, they will see a message in the QuickBooks Maintenance Alerts window to prompt the user to make a backup.
  • User Interface. Alt + ` and Alt + ~ hotkeys will now allow users to tab through a window with multiple set of tabs.

Release 4 (R4) - January 2014

  • Advanced Inventory. Verify utility has been updated to provide more information for non-posting transactions with a site:bin mismatch.
  • Enhanced Inventory Receiving. Modifying the cost of an item used in an assembly while creating a transaction, will no longer cause QuickBooks Desktop to close unexpectedly.
  • New User Setup. Fixed an issue that prevented Gmail contacts from importing into QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Performance. Fixed a memory leak that caused performance issues with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Other. Custom words added to the dictionary will be retained once upgraded.

Release 3 (R3) - December 2014

  • Alerts. QuickBooks Desktop recommended memory alert will now display when available system memory is less than 2 GB.
  • User Interface. To solve the customer problem of thin scroll bars in QuickBooks Desktop, the team has increased the width of the scroll bar to make it easily clickable and scrollable. The Editable fields on QuickBooks Destkop windows are made little darker for better contrast and visibility.
  • Money Bar. Introduction of filtered list totals at the bottom of the Income Tracker screen. Once the user click on a specific block the total will appear at the bottom left corner of the window. Introduction of GJEs in “Open Invoices” block of Income Tracker. Users have the ability to filter GJEs using the type filter.
  • Payroll Center. Icon bar on the Payroll Center has been updated with new buttons.  The new icon bar now has buttons for the following: My Payroll Service, Time Tracking, Payroll Updates, Payroll Items, Hiring Forms, Payroll Setup, Preferences, Support, and Help. Status column has been added to the Create Paycheques table in the Payroll Center. Added column sorting to the Create Paycheques, E-payments, File Forms, Saved Filings, and E-Filing tables.
  • Changes for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 14.0 only:
    • Build Assemblies. "Automatically build required subassemblies" check box no longer disappears if a customize template is selected.
    • Enhanced Pricing Model. Price Rule list limit has increased from 10,000 to 100,000.
    • Job Costing. Account column could be removed when customizing purchase forms - it should not, since it is required. Committed Cost report can now be filtered for one job.
    • Inventory Center. In the Inventory Center, item name will no longer be truncated in main item pane.
    • Serial/Lot Tracking. Creating a lot adjustment will now change the lot count.

General Changes for all versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2014

  • Attach a Document to a Record. You can attach documents to any record, such as invoices, customers, estimates, and vendors.
  • Email Improvements Emailing from QuickBooks Desktop now includes the ability to:
    • include attachments
    • create emails from templates
    • use rich text formatting and custom fields
    • view email history in the Customer Centre
  • Handling of Bounced Cheques. When a customer's cheque is returned for insufficient funds, you can now record it in QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Desktop will automatically mark the original invoice as unpaid and create a new invoice for the fee you'd like to charge your customer. Then send your customer a statement, or the original invoice along with the new invoice (for the bounced cheque fee).
  • Income Tracker. The Income Tracker makes it easy to find and work with your unbilled sales (estimates and sales orders), unpaid sales (open and overdue invoices), and paid sales (payments and sales receipts). To open the Tracker, choose Customers > Income Tracker.
  • Home Page Customization. You can change the colour scheme of a company file to help differentiate it from other company files. (Go to EditPreferences Desktop View.)
  • Payroll Improvements. For QuickBooks Desktop Payroll customers:
    • Streamlined Payroll Centre - an improved layout and workflow will give you quicker access to all your important payroll tasks - all in one place.
    • Monthly item limit. When creating new payroll items, you'll now see a Limit Type drop-down on the Default rate and limit screen.
    • The email improvements mentioned above apply to the Payroll Centre as well. You can now see a list of the paystubs you've emailed to employees in the employee's record. In the Employee Centre, select an employee and click the Sent Email tab.

General Changes for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 14.0

  • Assemblies Improvements - more automated functions help you save time and improve the accuracy of assemblies and costing.
  • Advanced Job Costing - manage your jobs in different phases of completion more easily with new tracking and reporting options. Customize tracking by reps, job, customers and run WIP and Committed Costs reports at the click of a button.
  • Advanced Pricing - customize and automate your pricing in QuickBooks Desktop. You’ll get more control over pricing and avoid manual updates
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