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Create a final pay cheque (termination cheque) for an employee

Estimated Time: 15 minutes

  1. Go to the Employees menu, select Pay Employees, and then select Termination Cheque.
  2. Select the employee who is being terminated.
  3. Click the calendar that appears in the Release Date column when you select the employee and then select the employee's release date.
  4. Make sure the information and amounts that appear on the pay cheque are correct.
  5. Click Continue.
    • A message appears, asking whether you want to make the employee inactive or keep the employee active.
  6. Review the information and then click Create Pay Cheques.
  7. When you create the pay cheque, the employee's record is updated with the release date information. Before writing the termination pay cheque, you could also manually update the employee's record with the release date information.
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