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How do I delete or void a pay cheque?

Deleting a pay cheque
  1. Display the pay cheque you want to delete.
  2. Go to the Edit menu and then click Delete Pay Cheque.

(If the pay cheque was for a prior quarter, you may need to adjust and re-file your payroll taxes for the quarter.)

Voiding a pay cheque

You should rarely need to void pay cheques. However, you may want to void a pay cheque if it was recently issued with an error. Note that if the pay cheque was issued in a previous month, you may have to re-file your monthly CRA payroll forms if you void a pay cheque and issue a new one.

  1. From the Employees menu, choose Edit/Void Pay Cheques.
  2. Enter a date range in the "Show pay cheques from/through" fields.
  3. Select the pay cheque you want to void.
  4. Click Void.
  5. Follow the instructions in the message that appears.

    After you void the pay cheque, a notation is included in the Memo field and the net amount of the cheque is changed to 0.00.

  6. Click Done to close the Edit/Void Pay Cheques window.

How does deleting or voiding a pay cheque affect the year-to-date amounts?

  • If you delete the most recent pay cheque, QuickBooks updates the year-to-date figures to reflect the change.
  • The year-to-date figures for pay cheques you write in the future will be correct.
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