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What is a T4 and Relevé 1?


A T4 slip is the end-of-year form you give to each employee and submit to Canada Revenue Agency. The form shows the employee's wages and taxes withheld for the year.

Relevé 1

The Relevé 1 slip is used to report all income you paid to your employee over the previous calendar year to the Québec Minister of Finance, including salaries, wages, taxable benefits (company contributions), commissions, and any other remuneration you give to your employees (such as tips).

The Relevé 1 slip also includes the amounts you withheld from the employee for income tax source deductions, compensation tax, and contributions to the Québec Pension Plan and the health services fund.

After completing your forms, you must send Copy 1 to the Québec Minister of Finance and Copies 2 and 3 to the employee by February 28th.

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