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Set up and pay Québec Health Services Fund (QHSF) contributions

If your company qualifies for the Québec Health Services Fund (QHSF) contribution, you must mark Québec employees as subject to QHSF, and then remit the contributions to Revenu Québec at the same time as Québec provincial taxes. QHSF is selected by default for all Québec employees.

  1. Confirm that the QHSF payroll item is set up in the employee's profile

     QuickBooks automatically creates the QHSF payroll item.

    1. Go to the Employees menu and select Employee Centre.

    2. Double-click the employee whose employee record you want to edit.

    3. From the Change tabs drop-down list, select Payroll Info.

    4. Click Taxes.

    5. Select the Québec Health Services Fund checkbox.

    Why can't I see the Québec Health Services Fund checkbox?

    The Québec Health Services Fund checkbox appears when Québec is selected in the Tax Table drop-down list.

  2. Pay payroll taxes and liabilities

  3. Fill our your TPZ-1015 form using the Québec Remittance report

    The Québec Remittance report shows your income tax source deductions, compensation tax, and contributions to QPP, QPIP, and QHSF.

    1. Go to the Reports menu, choose Employees & Payroll, and then click Québec Remittance Report (TPZ-1015).

    2. Use the Québec Remittance Report to fill out your paper TPZ-1015.

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