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How do I print previous bank reconciliation reports?

If you have QuickBooks Premier, you can display reconciliation reports for any previous reconciliation period. If you are using QuickBooks Pro edition, you can only view how you reconciled an account for the most recent reconciliation period. To view a previous reconciliation, do the following:

  1. Go to the Reports menu, choose Banking, and then click Previous Reconciliation.

  2. (QuickBooks Premier only. QuickBooks Pro users skip to step 3) Choose which reconciliation report you want to see by selecting the Statement Ending Date.

  3. In the Type of Report field, choose:

    • Summary to summarize the account activity for the reconciliation period.

    • Detail to list all the transactions cleared in the reconciliation period.

    • Both to run both types of reports.

  1. Choose the types of transactions to include in your report:

    • Transactions cleared at the time of reconciliation. This report is a snapshot of your previous reconciliation, and shows you what was reconciled. This report will open as a PDF file. To print this report, click the Printicon at the top of the PDF window or right-click on the report and then click Print.

    • Transactions cleared plus any changes made to those transactions. This reports shows you the current state of each transaction cleared in your previous reconciliation for this account. Transactions that have been deleted or assigned to another account will no longer show. This report will open as a QuickBooks report. You can then print, modify, or export the information in this report to use in other programs, such as Microsoft Excel.

  1. Click Display.

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