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How do I change a report basis from cash to accrual or from accrual to cash?

QuickBooks allows you to change the report basis from cash to accrual or from accrual to cash at any time. Changing the report basis does not alter your data, it only changes the way data displays on reports. You can also set a default report basis that affects how QuickBooks displays summary reports (reports that summarize amounts and do not list transactions). Detail reports (reports that list transactions) must be changed manually. The Report Basis option is not available for all reports.

Change the report basis on a single report
  1. Click the Customize Report button in the QuickBooks report window.
  2. Select the appropriate Report Basis, and then click OK.
Set the default report basis for summary reports
  1. Go to the Edit menu, choose Preferences, and then scroll down to click the Reports & Graphs icon on the left side of the window.
  2. Click the Company Preferences tab, select your desired reporting method, Cash or Accrual, and then click OK.
The QuickBooks Administrator is the only user who can change Company Preferences.  For QuickBooks Pro or Premier users, you need to be in the Single-user Mode to change preferences.


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