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How do I pay GST, HST or QST owing by instalments?

The government requires that certain businesses prepay sales tax in regular instalments. (Check with your accountant or the CRA to see what rules apply to you.)

When you make one of the instalment payments, you do not create a sales tax return each time. For GST, HST, or QST, you write a cheque and use the Items tab to mark it as a sales tax instalment.

  1.  From the Sales Tax menu, choose File Sales Tax.
  2. Choose the sales tax agency and tax period you are filing for and click on File Return.
  3. You will be given an option to choose between Pay Now or Pay Later.
  4. For installment payment, choose Pay Later.
  5. When ready to pay, go to Pay Bills window and select the bill from the Tax Agency and indicate the amount you are paying for until the balance is fully paid.

When you file your sales tax return at the end of your sales tax year, you will see this payment included on the instalment line of the return.

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