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Update your payroll tax tables for QuickBooks Desktop

Important: This article applies to Canadian QuickBooks Desktop customers only.

The updated payroll tax tables for QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and QuickBooks Desktop 2017 are now available for download. Please download these updates now to ensure compliance.
Tax table version 105 is effective from January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017. You can view the new TD1, CPP and EI amounts in the attached PDF. 
The steps below list how to download the latest product update which includes the updated tax tables:
To ensure you have the latest tax table version, go to the Employees menu > My Payroll Service > Tax Table Information. The first 3 numbers under "You are using tax table version:" reflect your tax table version and should read 105.
What is included in the tax table updates released on Dec 14, 2016:
After installing the latest tax table update, the TD1 amounts are not updated
  • Is today’s date on or after the effective date of the new tax table? You will not see the updated TD1 amounts until the new tax table becomes effective on January 1, 2017
  • After January 1, 2017, once you have downloaded the latest product update, you will need to start a payroll or open and close QuickBooks Desktop for the TD1 amounts to update
  • Have you had to manually adjust the TD1 amounts at any time during the last tax table update or after setting up a new employee? If you have ever manually updated the TD1 amounts for an employee, the new tax table will not override any previously adjusted amounts. You will need to manually update the TD1 amounts.
  • Are any of your employees set up over the basic TD1 amounts? QuickBooks Desktop will automatically update TD1 amounts only for those employees with the basic amounts for the previous tax tables. 
For QuickBooks Desktop to calculate your payroll taxes and provide payroll forms, you must be signed up for a QuickBooks Desktop payroll service and be able to connect to the Internet. Intuit recommends that you update your tax tables every time you pay your employees, or at least every 45 days, to ensure that you have the most current tax tables.
Please continue to visit this page for important updates about the Payroll Tax Tables for QuickBooks Desktop Canada.
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