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QuickBooks 2010 New Features

This FAQ was written for the 2010 version of QuickBooks. However, the tips, features, and videos are completely applicable to newer versions of QuickBooks. Feel free to use this help in later years as well.

We designed QuickBooks 2010 with a really simple goal: to make it the best, easiest accounting software anyone's ever used. So we added some really useful features (that you asked for).

The new company snapshot

The Company Snapshot helps you save time and manage cashflow - so you can make better business decisions. It shows you info like:

  • Which customers owe you money
  • What bills you need to pay immediately
  • What you need to do by the end of the day

So you can just start each morning with a look at your Company Snapshot... and use it to guide your activities for the day.


We had it before. And we've brought it back. The multicurrency feature lets you transact in any number of currencies from around the world - without worrying about looking up exchange rates or getting your calculator out to convert British Pounds, for example, into Canadian Dollars.

"QuickFilter" - The easy way to sort in Customer & Vendor centres

In the Customer Centre and the Vendor Centre, every last detail about each of your customers & suppliers is in one place. Which is great. Until you try sorting through all that info.

Enter QuickFilter. With QuickFilter, you can just type the text you're looking for into the search box - and find the best-matched results fast. (Oh, and QuickFilter is also available in your "Item List", which is nice 'n' handy.)

Help improvements
  • Live Community: Need help with QuickBooks? Now you can get it directly from within the product using the QuickBooks LiveCommunity, which is filled with contributions from QuickBooks users & experts. So if you're having trouble customizing your Profit & Loss Report, you can get specific help with exactly that... from people who've been through it.
  • QuickBook Coach: guides you through the business flows on the home page and uses tips to explain tasks.
  • We've added 13 videos to help you learn about the new version of QuickBooks. Click here to see all 13 videos.
New features for multiuser (For 3 or 5 Simultaneous Users)

Are simultaneous QuickBooks users in your company stepping on each other's toes? QuickBooks 2010 eliminates those challenges by allowing all users to run reports, backup data and even work on the same data... all at the same time. So there's no more need for Suzy to call up Tim and ask him to close out of QuickBooks. Everyone can work at once.

More robust security & permission levels

Prevent others from accessing your customers' addresses or credit card info, and keep people in your company from tinkering with sensitive information. QuickBooks 2010 does this by encrypting your company file and letting you set even more permission levels than before. The Customer Credit Card Protection is one such feature that allows you to set permission levels for your employees to be able to see customer credit card numbers. Click here to learn more about Customer Credit Card Protection.

Forgot you password? No problem. Now you can create a "challenge question" as a fallback when you forget your password. Also, passwords can now include symbols and numbers to create more secure passwords.

Sales tax changes
  • Manage Sales Tax window:  to help you manage your sales tax information all in one place. Click here to learn more about the Manage Sales Tax window
  • Improved File Sales Tax window: where you can run the Tax Agency Detail Report, efile your return, get help resolving tax amounts that QuickBooks detects as being 'unreported' or 'unpaid'.
  • Efile your GST return to the government. Click here to learn more on efiling your return
  • New Sales Tax Code Setup Wizard helps you set up new rates, change tax rates, and add a tax for a different province
  • New 'Resolve your sales tax' window to help you fix sales tax amounts that QuickBooks detects as being not reported or not paid
  • Reports on sales tax more robust
  • (for QuickBooks 2008 & 2009) Sales tax is now being included in reimbursable expenses

Watch this video to see the new sales tax interface in 2010

Read this faq on details of the changes to your sales tax feature


Other enhancements / changes
  • Accountant's copy is much improved now handling more situations
  • New Accountant Copy File Transfer: send your file over the Internet instead of walking it over
  • Client Data Review centre to help Accountant's find and fix errors in their client's company file
  • QuickBooks Coach to help you get the assistance when you need it
  • QuickBooks Messenger - instantly chat with others who are working in your company file
  • (for QuickBooks 2008 & 2009) Invoicing for time and expenses can now include sales tax information
  • (for QuickBooks 2008 & 2009) Condense sales tax summary: show your sales tax on your forms similar to how QuickBooks 2007 did it (you asked to bring this back)
  • Improvements to the T4A report
  • Ability to enter your Customer Number on the My License window (so you don't have to record it elsewhere)
  • Vastly improved upgrade process (Upgrade Centre to guide you through the conversion, help with resolving unreported sales tax amounts)
  • 13 new tutorials
  • Ability to make copies of items / transactions
  • Now just one customizable bar instead of two independent ones
  • Multiple shipping addresses
  • Tax forms updated from CRA changes
  • New account wizard that makes account set up much easier
  • You can now print receipts from the Receive Payments window
  • Multiuser performance improvements
  • Email your invoices in batches instead of one at a a time
  • Email business forms now works with Outlook
  • Reports performance improved making reports more robust
  • T5018 report (Premier)
  • Edit  / void pay cheque improved
  • Improvements to the import from Excel feature

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