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Missing Buttons on Write Cheques Window

What is happening?

At certain screen resolutions in the Write Cheques window the Save & Close, Save & New, and Clear buttons are missing because they are outside of the main viewing area of the window.

This happens when:

  • Your vertical screen resolution is 768 or lower
  • You have the top icon bar enabled and
  • You are using one-window mode.

This same issue affects all the cheque types:

  • Write cheques
  • Online banking write cheques
  • Payroll Liability Cheque
  • Paycheque

If your resolution is 1024 x 768 QuickBooks defaults to having the top icon bar on (as opposed to the side icon bar) because you don't have the necessary window area to display the side icon bar. 

The next section contains steps to correct this:

How to fix this issue

Any of the following steps below will correct the problem.  You need only choose one of the below items.

Note: These are also good if you can see the bottom buttons but want more rows in the table underneath the cheque image. Some configurations in 768 resolution only leave about 1.5 rows available in the table and any of these steps will provide more viewable rows.

  • Switch to Multiple-Windows and maximize or super-maximize
    • From the View menu select Multiple Windows.
    • Maximise the window by clicking on the  ?  in the top righthand portion of the current window.
  • Turn off the top icon bar
    • From the View menu check-off Hide Icon Bar
  • Collapse the ribbon
    • Click on the Λ upper right side of the ribbon
  • Super-maximize
    • Click the icon with the four arrows which is to the immediate left of the Λ mentioned above

Note: In most cases these options are also valid for vertical resolutions lower than 768

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