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Quicken 2014: New Features

Here's a list of improvements and changes we've made to Quicken this year.

Intuit ID for Quicken Canada Connected Services

NEW! The Intuit ID is a universal access ID for Intuit Canada connected services and registration. With an Intuit ID in Quicken, you can:

  • Download transactions from your bank into Quicken
  • Receive e-mail and text alerts
  • Get notified in-product when a free update is available
  • Access Quicken Support & Quicken Live Community.

Use your Intuit ID and Intuit's connected services to automate your work in Quicken. Instead of manually entering transactions, for example, you can update them directly from your participating financial institution.

You can also use your Internet connection to check for free Quicken software updates throughout the year.

Intuit ID Preferences

NEW! Quicken now allows you to update your Intuit profile preferences. After you've set up your Intuit ID, you might want to make changes to the profile that you created. You can:

  • Change your Intuit ID
  • Change your e-mail address
  • Change your contact information
  • Change your Intuit password
  • Change your security question
  • Sign in as different user

    • How will I use it?
      • Choose Edit menu > Preferences.
      • In the left pane, select Intuit ID.
      • In the right pane, select the settings that you want to use.
      • Learn more about changing Intuit ID preferences


IMPROVED! It’s easier than ever to set goals and stay in control of your finances with our improved budget tool. Quicken now let's you:

  • You can now view cents in budget amounts, which means that no rounding will occur.
  • Set monthly budget amounts for the year manually.
  • Set monthly budget amounts for a category based on an amount per time period.
  • Budget for an entire category group instead of entering a separate amount for each category within it. If you do this, any difference between the amount you enter for the category group and the total of the individual amounts for the categories in that group will be assigned to the Everything Else line in your budget.
  • Set your budget preferences. You can now exclude savings account transfers from your budget.
  • When you use rollovers, view the sum of rollover categories for that month on the Rollover row that appears below the Totals row.

    • How will I use it?
      • Click the Planning tab.
      • Click the Budgets button.
      • Learn more about budgeting in Quicken

Reminders in the register

New! Quicken now lets you view your reminders as a transaction in the register. Viewing your upcoming reminders in an account register lets you see the effect of those transactions on your running account balance.

  • How will I use it?
    • Open the register of the account that you selected for the reminder when you created it.
    • If necessary, click (the Register Reminders icon) and set how far in advance to display the reminders. Learn more about budgeting in Quicken

One Step Update

IMPROVED! Quicken makes it easier for your to go through the One Step Update setup by improving the user interface and the setup process.

  • How will I use it?
    • Choose Tools menu > One Step Update.
    • Learn more about one step update



Quicken 2014 - New Features
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