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Can I claim tuition to schools outside Canada (e.g., in the US)?

Tuition Can be Claimed if Eligible

You can claim tuition paid to the following schools outside Canada:

  • universities outside Canada where a Canadian student is enrolled in a course that lasts at least 13 consecutive weeks and leads to a degree; and
  • universities, colleges, or other educational institutions in the United States that give courses at the post-secondary school level if the student is living in Canada (near the border) throughout the year and commutes to that institution.

For you to claim tuition fees paid to an educational institution outside Canada, your institution has to complete and give you either Form TL11A - Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate - University Outside Canada, or Form TL11C - Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate - Commuter to the United States, whichever applies.

For years previous to 2006, students could not claim the textbook amounts.

Claim Tuition, Education, and Textbooks: EasyStep Interview, TurboTax Online

These steps apply to T2202(A), TL11A, B, C, or D Tuition Fees Certificates. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Personal Profile tab found near the top of the screen.
  2. On Page 1, choose YES for the statement: Were you a student in (Tax Year) or did you have student expenses for yourself in previous years?
  3. More check boxes will appear below this selection. Check the box for I had tuition fees on a T2202A or TL11 slip
  4. Check all other boxes that you need to enter. The boxes you check off will determine what credits are provided in the interview to claim.

    Some of the more common credits are: I had textbooks and supplies or Unused Tuition Fees and education amounts from previous years

  5. Proceed through the Income and RRSP sections of the Tax Return, until you reach the Deductions section
  6. Click Continue on the various Deduction pages until you reach the page titled:Your Student Profile for (Tax Year)
  7. Click Continue, then click Enter T2202A for (Name) to enter the amounts on the slip. If you have already entered your amounts and need to make changes, click EDIT next to slip you wish to change.
  8. Click Done with Tuition when you have finished your entry.

If your tuition is reported in US dollars:
You must convert it to Canadian currency before entering it. Use the exchange rate for the time when the tuition was paid. To do this:

  • If you paid by credit card, check your credit card statement for that month. The Canadian dollar amount will be shown on the statement, as well as the exchange rate at which it was calculated.
  • If you paid by another method, visit the Bank of Canada's Web site to get the exchange rate. Once you've determined the exchange rate, you can use their currency converter to convert your amount from US to Canadian dollars.

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