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T1 Condensed and the Keying Summary T1-KFS

What is the Condensed version?

The T1 General-Condensed return is an abbreviated version of the T1 General. It contains a Keying Summary, T1-KFS, which provides a summary of all your tax entries on your return. For the 2012 Tax year, the CRA only wants to receive the T1 Condensed form, along with business statements, Schedules 4 and 5 as well as any election form that applies to the return, including the T1032 Joint Election to Split Income.

They do not want to receive a copy of the full T1 general and the mass of schedules and forms for which a section appears in the T1-KFS section of the condensed form.

Print the Keying Summary T1-KFS

The T1-KFS Keying Summary is included with the Tax return you print to MAIL to the CRA. If you print a copy FOR YOUR Records, the T1-KFS is NOT included.

When printing your return in TurboTax, you will have two different options. Please read the next section carefully, as Printing a copy for your Records is a different print option vs. the Print your Return for the CRA. 

Save & Print a Copy of Your Tax Return for Your Records

  1. Click the Print and File tab at the top of the interview screen. Click Continue on this page.
  2. The Save a Copy of Your Return for your records screen will appear. This screen will allow you to save and print a copy of your full tax return as a.PDF file.

    ***NOTE*** The return copy you save here IS NOT the return you will mail to the CRA. The CRA requires the T1-General: Condensed versionto be mailed in. The steps for that return are in the next section.
  3. To save a copy of your return for your records, click Save .pdf copy for your records. Follow the on screen directions and save the file to your system.

    To Print a copy of your return for your records, click Print for your records

    If you have not run the Review to find tax-saving opportunities, errors, and warnings, do so now. Click Continue to move through the screens.

  4. This return will be for your review and only for record keeping. DO NOT MAIL THIS VERSION OF THE RETURN TO THE CRA!
  5. Print a copy from another computer: You will need to move the .pdf file to a portable storage device or some other media to take to the second computer.
  6. Click Continue to proceed.


CRA Version: Save & Print a Copy of Your Tax Return to MAIL to the CRA

  1. When you reach the Print and Mail your Returns screen, you will be able to print and save the actual T1-Condensed version of your tax return that the CRA requires from paper filers.
  2. To save a copy of your return to be mailed to the CRA, click Save .pdf of Return to Mail.  Follow the on screen directions and save the file to your system.

    To Print a copy of your return to be mailed to the CRA, click Print Return to Mail. This will include the T1-KFS Keying Summary

  3. Once you have printed and saved copies of the return, you can click Done with Printing to finish the Print section.


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