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Transfer Tax data from last year into TurboTax

If you used our desktop (CD/Download) version to prepare your return last year, you can transfer your information from last year's return to this year's return, in either the Online or CD/Download versions. This helps you avoid re-entering personal information and carry-forward amounts. You can also transfer data from UFile and H&R Block tax files.

Transfer information from last year's return - CD/Download
  1. From the Welcome screen when you first start TurboTax, TurboTax searches your computer for previous year tax returns and lists them. Select one of these returns and click Transfer.

    Tip: You can also go to the File menu and select Transfer [YEAR] Return.

    If there are no returns listed, that just means that TurboTax did not find any files in the default location on your computer. You may have saved your tax files to a different directory than what the program suggested. You'll have to browse or search for them. Search for:
    1. *.tt12 file if you usedTurboTax 2012 (.tt11 for TurboTax 2011, etc) or
    2. *.u12 file if you used UFile last year.
    3. *.h12 file if you used H&R Block
  2. Select how you want to fill out your tax return.
  • Choose EasyStep if you want the program to step you through the tax preparation process by asking you a series of questions about your tax situation. TurboTax then automatically enters your tax information on the appropriate forms based on how you answered the questions.
  • (CD/Download versions only) Choose Forms if you want to enter your tax information directly on the forms yourself. If you are very experienced with tax preparation, you might choose Forms. 
  1. (Forms method) If you chose Forms, you'll be asked to verify your personal information.
  2. You are shown a summary of the information that will be transferred to the new return. Examples of information that is transferred include your personal information and unused credits for RRSPs or tuition.
  3. Click Continue.

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