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I cannot find TurboTax Online 2011

Updated November 15, 2013

TurboTax Online 2011 is now offline. Each year we take down the two year old online tax application to make room for the newest version of TurboTax Online.You will no longer be able to access the 2011 Turbotax Online application, nor will you be able to carry forward your 2011 data into the 2012 Online application.

If you need information from your 2011 tax return, and you did not save a .pdf or print a copy of the return, contact the CRA.

If you need a printed copy of your tax return, go to and follow the steps on screen if you need your 2011 information.

For Online customers who are unable to carry forward (i.e. transfer data) from their 2011 account into the 2012 account, there are two options: 

  1. Create a new 2012 return and enter the 2011 data yourself – Unless the 2011 return contained many unused amounts, business Captial Cost Allowance (CCA) claims, or you have several 2011 tax returns to carry forward to 2012, this option might be a better workaround and will get you working on your tax return(s) today. Please do the following:

    1. Sign in to the 2012 Online account using the 2011 User ID and password. You may have created a new one for 2011, so be sure to use the right one.
    2. Next, open a separate tab or browser window, and sign in to the 2012 Online account 
    3. Click the Tools menu, then select Return Manager.
    4. Choose to start a new return.
    5. Switch to the 2011 account tab.
    6. Open the 2011 return that matches the taxpayer return you are working on in the 2012 account.

      1. Hover your cursor over the Review Tab. An expanded menu should open.
      2. Click ‘Transfer for Next Year Summary’. This will bring you to the screen showing what 2011 Tax data would be carried forward to the 2012 account.

        As you can see, the majority of the information is personal information, such as names, addresses, dependants, etc. There may also be unused tax credits, Investment losses, Business expenses, and more.
    7. Use this information as your guide for the 2012 return. For example, if the 2011 account says there are unused RRSP contributions, be sure to check off the box in the 2012 Personal Tax profile asking if you have RRSPs, and if any of the contributions are carried forward from last year.
    8. Enter your 2012 tax information as needed.

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