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Register my copy of TurboTax

NEW for 2013 Installed Versions

If you are using TurboTax 2013 or newer, you are REQUIRED to register your program. If you do not register the program by the time you reach the NETFILE screens, you will be unable to proceed to NETFILE without registering.

Registration provides you peace of mind, and a detailed purchase hisory if you lose or misplace your TurboTax program.

  • If you have registered your program: You are able to receive a free replacement install key code if you have lost or misplaced your Installaton key code from TurboTax.
  • If you DO NOT Register. If you do not register your program, with a valid email address, you will be unable to use the TurboTax NETFILE process. Once you register, NETFILE will open up for you.

    Also, if you lost your TurboTax CD or Installation key code, and chose not to register, you would need to provide a valid retail till receipt before Intuit would provide a free replacement installation key code.

Note: You must have an online connection to register.


To register TurboTax by Internet (from the computer on which TurboTax is installed):
  1. From the TurboTax Help pull-down menu, click Register....
  2. Click Register Online. A new window will appear. Complete the registration form.
  3. Note: You can't access Registration from the Help icon located in the toolbar; you need to use the Help pull-down menu above the toolbar. There is a row of menu options, such as File, Edit, and View, along the very top of the TurboTax screen. The Help menu is the rightmost of these menus.

You can also register the product when TurboTax launches. A pop up window will open asking you to register. Once you have registered, you do not need to register the software again.

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